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Thank you for stopping by our Facebook page. I would like to introduce myself and what we do and how we can help YOU!
We have a passion to help and educate our clients and followers on how to improve and maintain excellent credit. My wife and I worked together as a team within the mortgage industry for over ten years.

We loved helping our clients with the process of buying a home.Buying a home

It was exciting and fun! The best part was, “You are clear to close!”


However…. not everyone has the credit needed to purchase a home or anything else on credit for that matter. Sometimes it was their fault and sometimes not.

While in the mortgage business we took the extra steps to show clients that were denied due to credit ways they could increase their scores and the requirements needed to obtain a home loan as well as helping them throughout the loan process.
Working as a Mortgage Broker, it became clearer each day that many people have simply never been taught how to manage their credit or what it takes to overcome and increase credit scores. As much as we loved the mortgage business the desire to help our clients understand how credit works became a passion and I began working with MSI Credit Solutions.
Here comes the company plug…Did you know that recent research suggests that close to 79% of all Americans have some type of inaccuracy on their credit reports? MSI Credit Solutions can help remove such errors. For a free consultation call today at 214-736-7921 or check out our company website at MSICREDIT.COM
Good Credit bad Credit signNot everyone needs credit repair but may just need some guidance to overcome and rebuild. My goal is to help you ensure your credit report is accurate (free consultation) and help continue to educate by giving tips on credit and help strengthen your credit and spending habits. Our post will also help prepare your credit for the home loan process along with a few fun light-hearted quotes and extras along the way.

Give us a, “Like” on our Facebook page and share with a friend or two! Credit isn’t something people always want to speak about, especially if it isn’t the best. You may be really helping a friend in need.
Education FutureFinally our Facebook page isn’t just for the future home buyers but rather a place to learn how to manage and understand your credit so it will be there when you need it. Having a higher credit score will save you lots of money on interest rates but the goal is also to make wise money decisions. So, stick around, check us out and let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help!


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