About Donna Jefferson

About myself? Oh my, I never like this part, “Tell me about yourself?” I can get up in front of a crowd to present something but talk about me is a totally different battle. I am the person that will sit back and watch others rather than being the life of a party. I am a good listener and I am a people pleaser and sometimes to a fault but let’s give it a real try.

I am a farm girl from Oklahoma although now enjoying Texas with a nice home on a tiny lot. Growing up I was very frustrated my life because we worked hard from dawn to dusk on our farm, building things from scratch, helping repair things, tending to the animals, working the garden, hauling hay, and being a “go-fer” basically acting role as the son my dad never had. My two sisters and I were always jealous of our friends making plans for the mall or the movies, things I really didn’t get to enjoy due to my home obligations. However, now in my adult life I realize just how good I had it. I brought a lot of those skills into my adult life including all the lessons my parents and what the “farm” lifestyle actually taught me. I learned to always help others when you can and be a blessing to others and count your own blessings rather dwelling on the negative. I also learned my strong work ethic; I work long hard hours but the good news is I don’t always realize it because I LOVE my career. And yes, I also miss the land and the good ole summer days of farm life!

Today, God remains the first and foremost focus in my life and has blessed me with a wonderful husband and three even more wonderful children. I had the blessing of homeschooling my children most of their lives so I enjoyed spending lots of time with them. I am now a Grandma, not sure where the time went to be a Grandma already, but I have one grandson and another grandson that will arrive any day. I love spending time with my family and they make me smile every single day. I am truely blessed.

I have enjoyed the best of both worlds, being a stay at home mom but also working from home. I have been self-employed for most of my adult life. I stumbled onto the exciting world of Mortgage almost 10 years ago and started out working in New Home Sales and originally planned to become a Realtor. Through a crazy turn of events I discovered the mortgage side of the business and have now worked as a Home Loan Coordinator, Home Loan Processor and a Home Loan Officer. I love working with people and playing such an important role with helping them into the home of their dreams. Recently life dealt some wild cards and I have had to make some career adjustments over the past year while overcoming an ongoing medical issue. I am finally healthy again ready to get my career back on track.

I love the work I do, helping my clients, it’s a way of life for me rather than a job and I receive such pleasure and payments to the heart by helping people attain their goals of owning a home. I also enjoy friendships for life this career bestows on me and now I am reaching out to a new branch in life, stepping out on faith and showing the world (and my boss) what I am made of. I am learning the world of Social Media for both my personal life and to further my career, so… begins the new world of blogging.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me, I hope it helps you to understand a little about who Donna Jefferson is!

By Donna Jefferson



7 Responses to “About Donna Jefferson”

  1. Dave Milner Keller Williams Says:

    Good to know more about you Donna

  2. Lloren Says:

    I just read your “about me” and it was great to hear more about you and who you are! Please keep posting 🙂

  3. donnie (@ntbackflow) Says:

    Wow ! That was well said ! May God bless you and your Family with all you do .

  4. Melanie Says:

    Great work, Donna. I can sympathize with the awkward feeling of writing about one’s self, but you did a great job. I’m so pleased that the Manta community helped, with advice and moral support. Although I post infrequently, I’d love to share posts with you. Wishing you every success.

  5. Donna Jefferson Says:

    Thank you for your comments. I love the feedback!

  6. A Paid Collection is still a Collection. | How Credit Affects your Life and Finances. Says:

    […] By Donna Jefferson […]

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